CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia

International Trade Fair for Information Technologies, Telecommunications, Software and Services, Satellite Communication, Broadcasting and TV Content
131.358 Visitors from 93 Countries

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CeBIT Global Conferences

CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia & CeBIT Global Conferences Forum
Istanbul Expo Center 11 to 14 September

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CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia 2014

11 to 14 September, Istanbul Expo Center


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Future comes with ICT

CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia and CeBIT Global Conferences, top Eurasian IT, Technology and Communication Platform, welcomed the world of ICT. Participants and visitors from the sector pulsed with the deliverables of "CeBIT BİLİŞİM EURASIA"

CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia will bring ICT companies, government and media in the Eurasian region together under the same roof. Covering many vertical industries, including machinery, textile, logistics, tourism, education and healthcare, CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia is the right platform to maximize profitability, reduce costs and manage risk.

CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia 2014 Acquisition Brochure

Facts & Figures CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia 2013

131.358 visitors

72.212 Professionals
 %41 involved in decision-making
 %35 come from top management
1023 brand presantation

Exhibitors from 18 countries
 More than %30 of the exhibitors come from outside Turkey
6155 International Visitors

International business and political Visitor delegations from more than 93 countries

1.988 Press Members from 42 Countries

40 Press events in 15 Countries


Facts & Figures CeBIT Synergy Summit 2013
4770 Registered Attandence
21 Topics
87 forums, panels and conferences
110 Speakers

Being the No. 1 ICT fair in Eurasia, CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia will once again be "The meeting point of ICT industry". ICT is an essential part of future business strategies, opening up new fields and new potential for growth in just about every industry.

CeBIT Bilisim Eurasia, the number 1 digital business and technology platform of Eurasia focused on drawing the business circles with a highlight on the impressive new business solutions. 


The four platforms create a strong user-oriented structure and ensure that you reach your target audiences more efficiently than ever before.

• Clear concept that brings together ICT suppliers and users in the most efficient way possible.
• Clear signposting for optimum navigation.
• Special presentation formats that allow CeBIT Bilisim Eurasia exhibitors to achieve even greater impact.

Uniquely positioned to address the region's flourishing ICT market, CeBIT Bilisim Eurasia is the ideal platform from which to launch new products and services.

Are you looking for a guaranteed way to boost your business into new dimensions? Then now is the time to set your compass for Turkey, a nation which is well on its way to becoming the number 1 digital business platform of Eurasia.

CeBIT Bilisim Eurasia attracts a highly global audience year after year, generating unrivalled opportunities for everyone interested in expanding their business base and tapping into new markets. 

CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia, where the "application, product and information" triad comes together in a unique environment, will be the most effective promotional platform to share your own business solutions with the rest of the world.

Can you afford to miss out on the action?

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"This fair is organized with the permission of The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey in acoordance with the law number 5174"

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11-14.09.2014 (ICS)

11-14.09.2014 (VCS)

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